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Today, far too many students leave our colleges and universities with crippling debt and little to show for it. Higher education institutions that should be engines of socio-economic mobility are instead fueling a divide of opportunity.

Partners for Affordable Excellence @EDU gives voice to students, parents, and concerned citizens who often get stuck with the bill but who rarely have a seat at the table.

Partners advocates for common sense policies at the state and federal level that make college more affordable and address soaring student debt.

We are unifying students and parents as they urge universities to reduce costs, improve quality, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

At the same time, Partners is committed to helping college governing boards restore public trust by making their institutions more affordable, transparent, and inclusive in tuition rate decision-making.

Through advocacy, education, research, and collaboration, we’re creating communities of influence capable of driving change that will broaden opportunity for every American learner. And we are equipping higher education leaders with tools to ensure that all students have access to the full potential that an excellent, affordable higher education can unleash.

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Partners strives to advance knowledge about higher education and affordable excellence by offering a centralized resource of relevant research and selected literature.

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Insights from noted authors, entrepreneurs, and contributing writers on the latest policies and studies promoting affordable academic excellence.

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The latest news and trends in higher education, economics, and related fields of study to stimulate public discussions on affordable excellence.

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