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Partners seeks to transform higher education in the next decade by investing in new strategies, piloting new tools, and supporting change agent leadership. We look to uniquely provide or instigate the creation of products and policies that can be effectively deployed to promote affordable excellence at major public research universities. A key strategy will focus on increasing the productivity and extending the impact of existing resources.

  • MOOC for New Trustees

    Focused on promoting public research universities accountable to the greater good, Partners is developing a groundbreaking tool to train newly appointed board members and other key leaders on the fundamentals of governance that promotes affordable excellence.

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  • College Spending Sunshine Act: Citizens’ Right to Know

    The citizens who financially support our public colleges and universities have the right to know how these institutions spend the tuition and fees they receive, how efficiently they operate and what indicators demonstrate whether and to what extent their leadership is achieving the mission to provide affordable academic excellence.

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Partners strives to advance knowledge about higher education and affordable excellence by offering a centralized resource of relevant research and selected literature.

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Insights from noted authors, entrepreneurs, and contributing writers on the latest policies and studies promoting affordable academic excellence.

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The latest news and trends in higher education, economics, and related fields of study to stimulate public discussions on affordable excellence.

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